Bob and Pam's 1st radio interview on WCPT Chicago!

"Silent Drums: Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!" A true story of war, love and life in the pursuit of liberty, happiness and full equality, By Pam Daniels

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Silent Drums tells the true life struggle of a loving husband who also happens to be a decorated gay Vietnam War Combat Marine afflicted with terminal cancer. Bob LeBlanc's personal journey spans the entire length of our LGBT civil rights movement and directly involves Judge Anthony Kennedy in 1975 long before he was a Supreme Court Justice. Silent Drums is not a war story! The book covers the challenges faced by Bob’s longtime partner, now husband, Julio’s battle for legal immigration status.

During his interrogations by Defense Department investigators Bob’s inquisitors would repeatedly ask if he was homosexual and Bob continually replied, “you have no right to ask the question!” There were no supportive groups or organizations to back Bob when he took his courageous stand against discrimination. Bob successfully thwarted 3 attempts by the Marines to have him dishonorably discharged for being gay... The 3rd and final attempt halted by current U. S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy!

Click the play button below and watch this video from 1976 news coverage of a demonstration in support of Bob’s final case against the Marine Corps outside the gates of Long Beach Barracks, Long Beach California!


Bob LeBlanc is mentioned in two Books:
"Conduct Unbecoming" by Randy Shilts and
"Do Ask Do Tell" by Bill Boushka